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 Cover Story
The art chilling
Everyone has it but nobody wants it. ‘Stress and the City’ is a never-ending real-life soap opera with a star cast predominantly of high-flyers from the corporate world.
 Roving Eye
Kolkata Best Bengal
To ask a native Kolkatan to write about his city isn't always the brightest of ideas. You could almost count on him to take a biased view of things.
 Globe Trot
Shanghai Surprise
Marcellus Baptista has a glimpse of a city which is fast becoming a global hotspot
 Vanity Fare
Scentastion || Mirror, Mirror On The Screen || Getting Sporty || Supercar
Switzerland || South Africa || Israel
Edit Gourmet Corner
The Big B Psychology
Landmark achievements and occasions like anniversaries are always reasons to celebrate, and we are no exception.

Rashmi Uday Singh’s Good Food Guide
My ‘Superlative’ Humble House
Sanjeev Kapoor's Khazana
Dakshin – Southern Spice
Cracking the wine code

High Profile Exotic Retreat
Big B's buzz on travel
For most people, a sight of the man would do. That, in itself, is difficult. And to get a little bit of the Big B's time is next to impossible, especially if the queries you want answered is related to aspects of his personal life - his travel habits, for instance. But still, once in a while, the luck holds…
Star Attraction
Anju Tandon finds out that Star Cruises' Super Star Virgo is the perfect venue for just about everything
Exotic Retreat Hotel Watch

Star Attraction
Anju Tandon finds out that Star Cruises' Super Star Virgo is the perfect venue for just about everything

Me, Myself And Nature
Grand Space

US Promotion Spotlight
Golden Gate to the US
San Francisco offers travellers two built-in advantages. It's one of the most scenic cities in the world, and one of the most compact

The New Corporate ‘F’ Word
The corporate lot is no longer keen to inflate their bellies as much as their bottomlines.

U Matter EnVogue
Sole to Soul
Reflexologist Pravin Kaushal explains how reflexology, which uses the sole of the feet, can be a rewarding alternative therapy for ailments ranging from jet lag to stress
Indelible Ink
Time was when school children were bound to their fountain pens for fear of being rapped on the knuckles.
AskBT Readers’ Response
feBUSINESS TRAVELLER has PLAUSIBLE SOLUTIONS to your travel queries & options
Vijay Chadda - Chief Operating Officer, BTI-Sita, India answers your queries...

Readers’ Response

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