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Ramma Bans tells Reema Sisodia how to ‘work out’ the art of healthy living

I call it the art of healthy living because in today’s times taking care of one’s well-being and health has truly become an art not mastered by many.

Incorporating a few simple principles in your daily life, which take little or no effort, would reap great benefits in the long run. Eating, sleeping and exercising are the three principal determinants of good health. And the foundation of these principles is self control. Fight the urge of bingeing on food that is high on cholesterol content. Fasting while on travel or eating light with soup, milk, lassi and fresh foods as our accompaniments would make a world of difference to your health and also boost energy levels and enhance performance. Catch up on sleep whenever possible. It is nature’s answer to combat stress. But most of all, exercise. Work out even when travelling and trust me it is not as tough as it seems. About 4,000 steps 40 minutes a day, which can be broken into 500 steps in five minutes at your convenience, whether in the hotel room or in the aircraft or at the airport, is all that it takes to stay in control.

`Chair exercises’ are recommended since they help in toning and stretching of the body. People of all ages can perform these exercises including those with knee problems, slip disc and back problems.

So, in a world of customised and tailor-made services, here are some exercises to suit your needs and ‘fit’ into your schedules.

Lie with your abdomen on the chair. Put your hands on the floor in front of you. Your toes also on the floor behind you.

1) Pick up right leg in a straight position from floor to hip level (12 times).
Repeat with left leg. Same position.

2) Bend right leg at a right angle, pick up from hip joint pushing your flexed foot up (12 times). Repeat with left leg. Same position

3) Left toe on the floor. Kick right heel to right hip (12 times). Repeat with left leg.

Sit on the chair with your back straight against the backrest.
1. Bend elbows keeping elbows on side.
2. Place both hands on shoulders.
3. Stretch out left hand sideways and then bring it back on shoulder - alter (12 times).

A)Same movement in front.
B)Towards ceiling.
C)Towards the floor.

Chest and back
a) Cross arms in front of chest - one elbow on top of the other elbow.
Push back and come to original position (12 times).

b) Place hands on shoulders and rotate elbows clockwise (12 times). c) For neck - chin to chest and back (eight times).

Second set:

1) Spread arms on the side. Make circles clockwise (12), and then anti-clockwise.

2) Repeat same movement in front.

3) Towards ceiling.

4) Towards floor.


a) and b) c) Neck left-center-right (eight times).

Third set:

1) Spread arms on side, palms facing the floor, pump down, then pump up - palms facing ceiling.

2) Repeat in front - palms down (12 times), palms up (12 times).

3)Repeat the same sequence with arms towards the ceiling.

4)Repeat the same sequence with arms towards the floor.

a) and b) c) Rotate neck right to left (eight times)


  • 1) Sit straight on the chair. Push your right arm towards ceiling and left arm towards floor (12 times).
  • 2) In the same position place right arm above head and behind your ear.
    Push it towards left side (12 times). Repeat with left arm
  • 3) In the same position get your right hand towards ceiling and with left touch the floor.


  • Sit straight against the chair. Hold the chair on the side.
  • Bend right leg, exhale and pick up bent leg from hip joint towards chest.
  • Count of five pushing abdomen in....hold breath.
  • Now inhale and get your bent leg down on the floor. Next breathe out from your mouth and relax. Alternate with left leg (12 times).


Sit straight against the chair. Hold the chair on the side.

First Exercise:

  • Stretch out right leg with thigh on the chair, now bring your heel in and touch the edge of the chair. Stretch out again. Repeat (12 times).
  • Next do same exercises with left leg.

Second Exercise:

  • Stretch out right leg and zig zag in front (12 times).
  • Repeat with left leg.

Third Exercise:

  • Stretch out right leg. Make big circles picking up your thigh from the seat as you circle your leg. Make 12 circles clockwise and 12 anti-clockwise.
  • Repeat with left leg.

Fourth Exercise:

  • Stretch right leg out. Go up and down starting from the seat level (12 times).
  • Repeat with left leg.

(The author is a renowned diet and obesity consultant, nutritionist, naturopath and fitness expert)

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