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Mailbox - November 2002

Changing Face Of Food

Dear Sir
Your cover story ‘The Eat Is On’ was very informative. As a frequrent flyer for over 10 years, I have witnessed the sea change which has come over in-flight services. Airline food, I can safely say without meaning any insult to anyone, was once upon a time regarded as ‘trash’. In fact people used to gorge themselves before a flight so that they would have to avoid eating on air. What a far cry from today when travellers positively wait for the food served inside their flight. Competition is a very healthy appetiser.

Ramesh Suri

Take A Break

Dear Sir
Sherwin Noronha’s article ‘Going Solo On The Himalayas’ in Express Business Traveller’s October issue made one feel like packing bags and getting on to the trekking trail. In the fast paced life that we lead, it is imperative to take a break like Noronha did and get away from everything. We need to create our own space to keep our sanity intact in this age.

Sheetal Agarwal

Welcome Feature

Dear Sir
I notice that you have substituted a section called Travel Tips in the place of Take-Off. Though we will miss the dry humour regarding the myriad aspects of travel which Take-Off used to provide, Travel Tips gets my unambiguous vote. It is useful information which will come in handy whenever I am travelling. Express Business Traveller must come out with more such user-friendly tid bits.

Mangalam Kumaraswamy

Tokyo Talk

‘Time-Out In Tokyo’, featured in the October issue of Express Business Traveller, was good reading. But I felt that the writer could have provided a little bit more insight into the discipline for which the Japanese are famous for. He could also have alluded to certain stories which we have heard of Japan, like if the trains come late, the passengers are refunded. Be that as it may, the article had lots of information on the city which any business traveller going thereabout s will find very useful.

Ashutosh Bhattacharya

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