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FAR EAST - Oriental Cuisine In Mumbai

Reema Sisodia relishes the flavours of the East

Classic and contemporary, finely interwoven cuisine and culture, is one way of speaking about Far East which has just opened in Rodas- The Ecotel Hotel. If you believe that variety is the spice of life, head toward Hiranandani Powai where the restaurant is located. With the flavours of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong on offer, variety is never in question once you are inside.

The ambience is therapeutic in nature. The place has been coloured with soothing and subtle hues. The culinary journey starts with menu cards designed on rich paper. For those not in the know about Far Eastern cuisine, have no fear. You will be guided by the amiable staff there through a series of speciality cuisine, exotic flavours, herbs and spices.

` From the soup to the dessert, from the Gado Gado salad to the Coco Moko dessert, the journey is full of pleasant surprises. Try matching your food with the wines offered, especially the Chilean wine with Broccoli and Wild Mushroom Stir Fried. If you prefer Riesling, combine it with Sayur Mesak Lemak, which is a vegetarian delicacy from Malaysia.

As advised by the chef, I ordered for the Red Snapper, which was brought to the table wrapped up in a special leaf. Combining it with the Blue Lagoon cocktail enhances the flavour of the Snapper.

Much effort goes into making sure that the food is authentic. Says Executive Chef Nilesh Limaye, "We are very choosy about the exotic herbs and spices. They are carefully picked and blended with the choicest ingredients to make the offering original and pure. The subtleness of Galangal, the tanginess of Kaffir lime leaves, the warmth of fresh turmeric, the coolness of coconut, the freshness of water chestnut - items like these reflect the essence of Far East."

So if you are looking for a Oriental journey, the Far East is not very far away.