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Mediterranean Fare In Bangalore

Laxman V gets hypnotised by a brand new cocktail lounge

Anyone visiting the Silicon Valley of India a decade ago inevitably felt a pang of regret at the limited number of up-market cocktail lounges and night clubs. A visitor had to be content with non-descript bars or lounges spread out here and there. Not any more. These days few tourists leave Bangalore without expressing some admiration at the sheer number and type of bars, night lounges and pubs across the city.

The latest to enter the bandwagon is Hypnos, the Mediterranean cocktail lounge, launched by the Museum Inn Group. Named after the Greek god of sleep, Hypnos brings to life the experience of the Mediterranean belt through its exclusive ambience and food.

Intent on becoming the preferred base for the creme-de-la-creme and upper echelon business visitors to the city, the lounge features snow-white walls with a rough finish, uneven stone flooring and water ponds with coloured light that gives it a typical Mediterranean look and feel. Blue drapes, bell shaped shades and rustic hay blinds add to the very essence of the European lounge.

One of the striking features of the lounge is its ethnicity and originality. It has over 2000 square feet of uniquely lit up seating arena at three different levels done up with exquisite acoustic standards.

Exquisitely designed by renowned architects Sandeep Khosla and Tanya, the inner section of the lounge is furnished with cushion settee and wooden tables, high-backed chairs, bar stools and the white walls. It encompasses a special section referred to as the 'Moroccan Square', specially designed to serve Shishas (hookahs) with a wide variety of flavoured tobaccos (apple, strawberry and grape). Nowhere is the lounge's Mediterranean essence better experienced than the Moroccan Square.

On the platter are an exotic variety of Lebanese and Mediterranean fusion cuisines, designed to gratify one’s taste buds to the core. Dukah, caramelised Arabic nuts of different varieties drizzled with chilly flakes are some of the starters on offer. Falafel (fried chickpea patties), a Lebanese delight, Mozzarella in Corozza, an Italian delicacy and a host of other Mediterranean delights will take you on a culinary high.

Prakash Nichani, managing director, Museum Inn Group, says, "Hypnos is different and unique in every aspect. It encapsulates the very energy and dynamism of the city. No other pub or night club in Bangalore offers the kind of cuisines we offer which ranges from Spanish, Greek, Lebanese, Italian and Moroccan. The cuisines have been introduced after thorough research and are designed to suit the culinary needs of our discerning customers. Our basic target clientele is the upmarket business traveller and the above 35 group."