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Travel Tips

In Lieu Of Sandals

  • Instead of bringing flip-flops or sandals for the shower, place a hand towel at the bottom of the tub. It's great for a shower or bath.

Sunday Off

  • When travelling try not to relocate or change cities on a Sunday. This is because most train times are infrequent or destinations are limited, and many stores and businesses close early or are not opened at all - such as money exchanges. It is easier to go early the next morning.

Save Receipts

  • Keep all your receipts on your trip. They are usually on paper so thin they never add up to much. Also, keep business cards and anything else that will help you remember where you were and when. They make a great diary and a source of information for yourself or others.

Taxi Exit Strategy

  • When travelling in a taxi, make sure you leave the door open while you are getting your bags out of the boot; that way the taxi can't drive off before you have had a chance to make sure you haven't left anything behind.

How To Dry

  • To get wet clothes dry overnight, hang them on a coat hanger and hang them in the bathroom - leave the light on. In the morning they should be dry enough to wear.

Demand A Spare Key

  • When renting a car, always insist on two sets of keys. If the rental agency won't give you an extra set, get one made at the nearest hardware store.

Headache No More

  • If suffering from a headache during travelling, try massaging lavender aromatherapy oil where the pain is.

Making It Clear

  • While in any country where you can't read the language ... and you are using your charge card to get the best currency rate ... write on the charge slip right away the amount, items, date, and place of purchase so you can read it when the statement comes at the end of the month. Makes for a lot easier bookkeeping. Many times the ink is so faint, you can't read what it says in any language.

Money Matters

  • Whilst withdrawing money from an ATM, try to use a machine outside a bank and make sure the bank is open. If the machine eats your card you can then go inside and retrieve it.

Pay No Attention

  • Do not stop on the street to consult a map or ask for directions. This immediately identifies you as a tourist. Step into a busy business area to look at maps or check directions.

Never A Last Flight

  • Whenever flying don't book yourself on the last flight of the day. If you miss your flight you will end up stuck in an airport or hotel for the rest of the night.