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Tech Talk

I happened to be going through a worldwide airline survey published recently, and I thought the findings were quite revealing and indicative of the preferences of today’s business traveller. The conclusions of this research were based on the results of a poll conducted among frequent fliers from all around the globe, who rated their favourite airlines on various criteria. While in-flight service definitely came through as one of the major factors in this rating, what was certainly glaring was the emphasis on technology. I’m not talking of aircraft technology in manufacturing or design here but the fact that a majority of frequent fliers recognised that in-flight technology was today probably the most important part of in-flight services... at least to the business traveller (i.e. frequent flier). In-flight technology would cover everything from tech-savvy seating for greater comfort and business facilitation to tech gizmos like personalised entertainment options, phone, fax and Internet connectivity, etc. In most airlines however, these facilities are at present restricted only to first and business class. While technological upgradation of aircraft has been an on-going process, among the first few airlines to introduce high-tech aircraft on the Indian sector were British Airways, Lufthansa, Delta and the erstwhile SwissAir (now Swiss). Other airlines have since followed suit in introducing some of their most technologically-advanced aircraft on the Indian route. They have reaped rewards as the Indian business traveller is today more aware that a business trip could commence as soon as one boards the aircraft and not necessarily after arriving at the final destination. In keeping with our cover story focus on in-flight technology, this issue of Express Business Traveller profiles two destinations that are global hotspots of technology - San Francisco in the silicon valley of the US and Bangalore, India’s very own silicon valley. Our watch special in the lifestyle section also showcases the unique blend of fashion, design and technology. While to break the techno-grip, we also have a variety of travel tips, getaways, photo-features and hot deals of course... read on.

Sheldon Santwan
Editor - <ehc@vsnl.com>