The Eat Is On
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This little bit of advice is being taken very seriously by airlines, only they don’t restrict themselves to men. In-flight food and wine service is getting tastier, more varied and more personalised. Reema Sisodia finds out why...

Durga Puja - Kokata's Celebration of Life
The onset of autumn signifies the homecoming of the Mother Goddess and brings with it the aura of festivity and celebration
Kolkata – Always Serving Its Best
Kolkata offers more than rossogolla, misti doi and macher jhol. Be it art and culture, handicrafts, music, cuisine or cinema, the city greets its visitors with fanfare
West Bengal – From Leftism To Just Right For Business
The state, which has produced the finest of talents, be it in art and culture, science and technology or any other fields, is still regarded as a place where things move at a snail’s pace
Adda or the fine art of socialising
Adda (relaxed conversation about anything and everything under the sun) remains one of the favourite pastime of the people of Bengal

Time Out In Tokyo
Tokyo sweeps pre-judgments off! All the enigma and charm of Marco Polo's supposed 'golden palaces' comes through in Japan's political, commercial and cultural hub. Inder Raj Ahluwalia stops over at Japan’s ‘Big Apple’ to find a city replete with man, machine, ambition and tradition


The New Qualis
Toyota Kirloskar Motor Ltd (TKML) has launched a brand new model of Qualis. The new model’s interiors have been given a complete makeover, with luxurious captain seats with armrests in the second row, power-windows on all the four windows and power window control panel.
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‘Las Vegas Is The Ultimate Stress-Buster’
Not only does Pooja Shetty, director, IMAX Adlabs Dome Theatre and Multiplex, successfully run India’s first IMAX theatre and multiplex but she is also counted among the rising entrepreneurs of India. In conversation with Raadia Mukadam, she dwells on issues that feature foremost on her travel itinerary

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Life is a Beach
The surf, the sand, the sun - and the art of doing nothing. A place for no news and no shoes, a place to grip the sand with bare feet and to throw one’s body into the sea and to get high on vast seascapes and the red orb of the sun falling into the sea...

What’s Cooking On Board?
Cost Cutting’ as a term has today become synonymous with ‘Business Travel’ as individuals and corporates are becoming increasingly conscious about their travel spend.

U Matter Getaway

Coping With Migraine
Migraines are headaches of a severe and chronic nature. They are usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting and visual disturbances which can last from up to a few hours to a few days.

Going Solo On The Himalayas
Sherwin Noronha flees from the city to negotiate the 4268-metre high Hamta Pass
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Travel Tips
Tips for travellers
- Carry Spare Change || How To Not Gain Weight || Locate Post Office First || Use Money Belts || Night-Light Technique || Buy A Small Suitcase || In Lieu Of Sandals || Sunday Off || Save Receipts

Hong Kong Set To Become Asia’s Leading Cruise Hub || ‘Smart’ Hospitality Card Launched || More Indians Travelling To Australia || IA Introduces Online Booking || Ariana Goes West || In-flight Emails

Wheel Deal Know How
User’s Guide To Car Rentals In US
Pravin Sathe tells you about USA’s ‘Chariots of Hire’

VISA - Afghanistan
Discover how to obtain a visa to visit Afghanistan