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Durga Puja - Kokata's Celebration of Life
The onset of autumn signifies the homecoming of the Mother Goddess and brings with it the aura of festivity and celebration

Kolkata Always Serving Its Best
Kolkata offers more than rossogolla, misti doi and macher jhol. Be it art and culture, handicrafts, music, cuisine or cinema, the city greets its visitors with fanfare

West Bengal From Leftism To Just Right For Business
It’s sheer irony that West Bengal till today is haunted by its past. The state, which has produced the finest of talents, be it in art and culture, science and technology or any other fields, is still regarded as a place where things move at a snail’s pace, where militant trade-unionism still rules the day, where power cuts are common and where the people flaunt civic rules with impunity at the smallest pretext.

Adda or the fine art of socialising
Adda (relaxed conversation about anything and everything under the sun) remains one of the favourite pastime of the people of Bengal