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What’s Cooking On Board?

Cost Cutting’ as a term has today become synonymous with ‘Business Travel’ as individuals and corporates are becoming increasingly conscious about their travel spend. Policies on business travel are in place and cutting corners is the norm. It is little wonder then that this ‘cost cutting’ has percolated down to the business travel facilitators or service providers. Today, even airlines are acutely aware of their ‘cost factor’ and not only their ‘load factor’ More and more airlines globally are compromising on their ‘add-on services’ to keep costs under control and yet cater to the discerning business traveller. A traveller who is not prepared to pay for the frills will get no frills...seems to be the new airlines motto, especially among the American and European carriers flying on their domestic routes. These airlines have consciously cut down on their in-flight service in terms of food and beverage.

The Indian business traveller however, is totally alien to this ‘no frills’ concept. He still expects the best in terms of meals and add-ons while on board an aircraft. In-flight service, especially the quality of food and drink, on a flight is still a very important factor to the Indian or Asian business traveller. Airlines also seem to have made that distinction and have taken pains to upgrade their in-flight service in terms of F&B, while actually advertising this as a USP in the Asian markets. Staying with the Asian business travel segment, we highlight the financial capital of Asia - Tokyo - our international destination in this issue of Express Business Traveller. And instead of our routine feature on a domestic destination, we present a unique feature on the attractions of the unexplored North-Eastern part of India, showcasing the Durga Puja Festival - the extravaganza of Kolkata in all its splendour. While a visit to this colourful festival is certain to throw up a few surprises, I’m sure that a business trip to Afghanistan (in our VISA Tips section) will have a few surprises of its own!!