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Country - Brazil

Capital: Rio de Janeiro

Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil
Chancery: No 8, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi 110 011.
Tel: 011-3017301.
Facsimile: 011-3793684
Email: brasindi@vsnl.com

Visa requirements for business travellers

  • Valid Passport
  • 1 Visa application form duly filled in (Photocopy can be used)
  • 1 photograph
  • Covering letter from the company stating applicant’s name, designation, purpose and duration of visit. Also ensure that the person signing the covering letter should specify his name, designation and contact phone number.
  • Invitation from Brazilian Associate addressed to the Embassy, to come directly. Also ensure that it should state the name of the person signing the invitation, his designation and contact phone number
  • Foreign exchange duly endorsed/copy of credit card
  • Confirmed air ticket
  • Recommendation letter from chamber of commerce stating applicant’s name, passport number, designation, company name. The chamber should also confirm that the company is a member of theirs.

For first time travellers, following additional documents required: Brief company profile

Health requirements: Yellow Fever Vaccination

Fee: Rs 3,850 payable by draft drawn in favour of “Embassy of Brazil” - New Delhi.

Time taken: 24 hours.