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Lights, Camera, Tuck In!

Lakshman V savours vegetarian fare at Moksh, an innovative and interactive pan-Indian restaurant in Bangalore with an Ayurvedic concept

One of the oft-repeated comments, especially from an Indian business traveller to the Silicon Valley, Bangalore, is lack of authentic Indian vegetarian restaurants. Though there are quite a few of them around, they somehow do not suit the needs of a health-conscious business traveller. Not anymore.

In what may be the first-of-its-kind in the country, Bangalore-based The Chancery Hotel has come up with an innovative and interactive Pan-Indian vegetarian restaurant with an Ayurvedic concept behind it. Christened ‘Moksh’, this restaurant seeks to serve rare and timeless recipes, rediscovered from the past, replete with traditionally ground ingredients and fully based on Ayurvedic and medicinal principles.

Conceptualised by the renowned Jiggs Kalra, Dr Pushpesh Pant, an acknowledged expert on Ayurvedic food, and Marut Sikka, Moksh brings to life a wide array of true Indian delicacies to help you discover your culinary roots lost in this day and age of gourmet globalisation.

Set amidst a placid ambience, Moksh encompasses a live, interactive kitchen, where guests can observe the recipe as it is being prepared and, at the same time, interact with the chefs. Thus, enjoy the food in its entirety.

Its distinct interiors give a glimpse of the rich Indian heritage. Further, the walls and ceilings are painted in a creamy-red manner, which gives it a classy appeal. Each and every area of the restaurant is adorned with exquisite Indian paintings and rustic furniture, which further enhances the appeal of the area. On the culinary front, Moksh presents an exclusive variety of authentic Indian dishes like Kebab Chhenna Paaturi, Mewwey aur Maawey Ki Kakori, Gobhi Ka Thuk, Subz Baoli Handi and a host of other options designed to give you a complete meal experience.

Commenting on the USP of Moksh, Jiggs Kalra, said, “This is India’s first interactive all vegetarian restaurant and I am sure it will be a refreshing change for food connoisseurs of Bangalore. Considering the cosmopolitan outlook of the city, it is only appropriate that a restaurant of this stature is launched in Silicon Valley. Our basic concept is to offer food which has rich therapeutic value and recharges the energy of tired corporate executives. It was exciting to work on a purely vegetarian menu covering the entire gamut of food-kebabs, stir-fry, curries and so on. We have also done some creative cooking like a variation of the Mangalorean Kozigazi with potatoes and onions for serving with Pathiri or Appams.”

Taposh Chakraborty, vice-president, The Chancery, adds, “The food is refreshingly different and highly healthy as minimum oil is used.”