For a few miles more
Twelve years after American Airlines introduced the world’s first frequent flier program AAdvantage in 1981, the phrase ‘mileage millionaire’ quietly found its way into print. Nowadays, it is accepted coinage, featuring regularly in magazines and websites catering to business travelers. Madhavankutty Pillai explores the lure of frequent flier programmes to the business traveller.
City of Sails
Auckland had a love affair with water. Shruti Nanvaty lives it up amidst hundreds of bays and sandy beaches in New Zealand's largest and most happenning city

Queen of the Deccan
The grass has always been greener in Pune for Mumbaikars. Achal Dhruva travels to Pune expecting a sleepy suburb, instead he encounters a city bursting with energy.


Lights, Camera, Tuck In!
Lakshman V savours vegetarian fare at Moksh, an innovative and interactive pan-Indian restaurant in Bangalore with an Ayurvedic concept


Wrangler’s Distressed Look
Ground and sandblasted, worked on with grinding wheels and blades - that’s Wrangler’s Distressed Look range which is now available in India. Available in awesome finishes and styles, the Distressed Look comes in the basic denim colour blue and also in tints like silver oak and dirty yellow.
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‘Nothing to beat London’
London is the prime destination and my favourite. The city is our primary export market and also the hub of our European operations. Vikrant Chougule, Director, Indage Group, waxes eloquent about his favourite destination to Achal Dhruva

Exotic Retreat Edit
Silence of the Hills
Sharmila Chand stays at two antique bungalows in Ramgarh, Kumaon Hills as she connects with nature

Just Rewards
Business travel is supposed to be a ‘rewarding’ experience. But today’s business traveller would have more than one interpretation of this statement.

U Matter Getaway

Say back-off to back ache
It is not surprising that backache is responsible for 24 per cent cases of absenteeism at work. Dr Mukesh Batra gives you an upfront look at back ache and how to beat it

Tigerless in Periyar
A twisted ankle kept Achal Dhruva away from the tiger trail in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Instead he rode on top of an elephant, went on a boat safari and almost bumped into a bear
On Track News Station
Hot Rails
Smita Iyengar makes an exquisite 24-hour journey from Cape Town to Pretoria in The Blue Train, South Africa’s Palace on Wheels

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Take Off Know How
Oh, For A Human Touch
Pravin Sathe gets an overdose of technology on his US trip

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