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A Museum With A Difference

Located in the heart of New Delhi, itís a destination with a special aura - a museum with a difference. Reema Sisodia discovers the National Rail Museum, which hosts 21st century conferences amidst the grandeur of 19th century heritage beauties

Have you ever thought of hosting a corporate meeting or conference in the heart of a museum? Your exclamation ‘What’ has an answer with a feasibility report attached to it.

Peerless in its ambience and unique in its aura, the National Rail Museum has all the ingredients required to host a conference or a meeting with a difference and is strategically located in the heart of the Indian capital. As far as the museum’s credentials as a conference venue is concerned, only the tip of the iceberg has been realised. Though it can easily receive the status of a destination in itself, with history, culture and beauty inherent in ample amount in the structure, the museum also comes through as a perfect place to host events, seminars and conferences. With infrastructure facilities well in place, the venue reflects the feel of being proactive in nature.

The surroundings evoke nostalgia, education, culture, emotions, romance and heritage taking you back in time to another era. By offering itself as a conference destination, the museum has become one of its kind in the country.

Rajesh Agrawal, director, National Rail Museum, says, “We have many attractions here. What Monalisa is to Louvre, the railway treasure Fairy Queen is to the National Rail Museum.”

On the museum’s avatar as a conference venue, he adds, “The place has all the components to become a conference destination with a difference. There are facilities available to incorporate a restaurant on rails and to host other unique elements and concepts, which can prove to be all out winners. The venue with its unique flavour and ambience results in a proactive environment, proving to be a stimulant for discussions and interactions in a perfect setting. The place has played host to numerous conferences in the past and would welcome many more in the future.”

So the next time, you are passing by a special rail destination, halt for a while. Let the place grow on you. You will surely want to return. The National Rail Museum will oblige you by playing the perfect host for your forthcoming conference, event or meeting.