Spatacular Success
Does a trip to the Ananda Spa in the Himalayas sound appealing? How about the Rajvilas in Jaipur with Balinese and Hawaiian massages to soothe your soul? Spa resorts and retreats are your ticket to feeling pampered. Express Business Traveller suggests healthy escapes where you can get fit, feel good, find yourself and get away from it all

Wine Trotting
Today, the world produces over 36 billion litres of wine every year. That is more than enough to float the Titanic! ... Hugh & Colleen Gantzer wine trot their way off-the-beaten-track through the ‘new world’ wine countries of South Africa, Australia and Switzerland.

Delhi dynamics
Destination Indraprastha, Dilli or Delhi, call the Indian capital by any name, its essence and spirit remains unchanged. Jyoti Koul and Reema Sisodia explore its metamorphosis from a political hub into a business hotspot


Haute Stuff
From breakfast favourites to streetside delicacies, from food court cuisines to premium style dining options, Singapore easily scores as the top gourmet capital of Asia. Kishore Iyengar eats his way through this never-ending adventure


Gold Glory
Widely recognised as the international ‘Oscars’ for gold jewellery design and craftsmanship, the Gold Virtuosi winning collection was unveiled at a spectacular fashion show in Italy last month.
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New Beginnings
There is a compelling need to improve India’s perception as a tourist destination, believes V N Dhoot, chairman - Videocon Group. In an exclusive for Express Business Traveller, he dwells on the current tourism scenario

Exotic Retreat Edit

Another Day In Paradise
Holidaying in Mauritius is much more than having an affair with the sun and sea. Marcellus Baptista discovers its various facets by spending a day out on this island paradise

PAR excellence
‘Promises are meant to be broken’ goes the popular adage... but, we contradict this time and again, as we continue to deliver on our promises in our constant endeavour to bring you a product par excellence.

Hotel Check Getaway
Road 2 Recovery
Bhubaneswar is rapidly emerging as a significant business hub in eastern India. Joy Roy Choudhury highlights some of the hotels that offer not just traditional Oriya hospitality and mouth-watering local delicacies, but a memorable business experience
A Walk On The Wild Side
If you don’t run into wildlife at Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, don’t fret... the beauty of the forest and thrilling white water rafting more than makes up for it, says Achal Dhruva
Special Features Shoppers Stop
Heritage Haven
Staying in the Noor-Us-Sabah Palace, a magnificent heritage hotel and the first to convert Madhya Pradesh’s heritage tourism policy into reality, was an unforgettable experience, reveals Reema Sisodia who is awe-struck by the grandeur of such heritage sites
A Spiritual & Therapeutic Experience
It could easily be a destination in itself. Standing tall in the heart of New Delhi is Central Cottage Industries Emporium, a place as magnificent as the specialities it houses. Reema Sisodia relives the experience
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A Museum With A Difference
Located in the heart of New Delhi, it’s a destination with a special aura - a museum with a difference. Reema Sisodia discovers the National Rail Museum, which hosts 21st century conferences amidst the grandeur of 19th century heritage beauties

New Facilities
In September 2002, a dedicated meeting, conference and banqueting facility will be unveiled on the second floor of Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.
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