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PAR excellence

‘Promises are meant to be broken’ goes the popular adage... but, we contradict this time and again, as we continue to deliver on our promises in our constant endeavour to bring you a product par excellence. We haven’t created a lot of hype for this issue, but I still think that birthdays and anniversaries merit celebration. As we celebrate our second anniversary, we look ahead into a bright future. The worst is over... and business travel is beginning to bounce back, even though full recovery could be months away. With the lifting of the travel advisories and business travellers taking to the skies just as before, there’s no doubt that business travel will come roaring back. Growth and diversification has seen the emergence of new branded travel products. Concepts that were erstwhile viewed solely as health related have now become an integral part of travel. Spas, spa resorts and even spa business hotels have today mushroomed all over the country! The spa environment is designed for the ‘R’ factor - relax, refresh and rejuvenate - the business travel mantra. Toasting to your health, we uncork some of the ‘new world’ wine countries to give you a taste of the vintage wines from South Africa, Australia and Switzerland. Since no celebration is complete without feasting, savour the culinary delights of Asia’s premier gourmet capital - Singapore. Providing Capital insight on Delhi, we take you through the metamorphosis of India’s political hub, now an aspiring commercial capital. Over the past year, Express Business Traveller too has undergone a metamorphosis of sorts, with a complete facelift in layout, design, editorial content and a continuously evolving profile. What has remained unchanged though is our dedication to deliver on our promises and to meet all your requirements.
While the magazine has traditionally looked Forward, please indulge us for the moment, on the occasion of our second anniversary, while we look Back and thank many of the people and organisations who have made this past year such a rewarding experience, and most of all you - our readers.
Cheers To Our ‘Spa’tacular Success!

Poonam Rathore