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Bold & Beautiful
Timex recently launched its latest range of exciting watches for the smart, fashionable and techno-savvy buyer. The Big, Bold and Beautiful (BBB) collection is a fusion of the latest international designs, colours and stainless steel - the ‘coolest’ metal that matches consumer attitude and lifestyle. Latest fashion straps and bracelets have been used to provide that trendy international look.

The new collection has a total of 39 styles, 27 for men and 12 for women, across 13 cases. The prices range between Rs 1,395 to Rs 2,195.

Sophisticated Style
DAKS Simpson’s new range consists of a sophisticated array of checks as well as regatta influenced ticking stripes. The collection can be mixed together to create unique combinations and strong individual looks. DAKS suits are priced at Rs 16,500 onwards. The range is available at the DAKS’s exclusive showroom at The Taj in Mumbai and also at Sehgal Brothers - South Extension, New Delhi.
Beat The Heat
Amberro, the international quality beer, is being launched in the state of Maharashtra, Goa, Daman and Pondicherry. It is brewed to exacting international quality standards to give the Indian beer consumer a smooth-tasting beer with crispy refreshing characteristics of an international beer. This will now be available at all retail outlets, permit rooms, bars and restaurants.

Swimming and water sports can now be made more enjoyable this summer - see what’s going on around you without the fear of losing contacts or glasses. Lawrence and Mayo has introduced Prescription Swimming Goggles for the first time in India at most of its branches across India. Those who wear corrective lenses on land often find themselves ‘out of water’ due to the absence of vision enhancement accessories when they want to participate in water activities. The Lawrence and Mayo Prescription Swimming Goggles are both affordable and trendy. Priced at Rs 1,250, you can buy your very own prescription goggles with a prescription ranging from 0.25 to 6 in funky colours such as blue, purple and black.

For more information contact: Lawrence & Mayo, Mumbai, Tel: (022) 2071827

Take Note
Allied Computers International (Asia) Pvt Ltd, the notebook specialist, has unveiled its Emerald range of notebooks. With prices starting at Rs 89,990, these notebooks powered with Intel’s latest P4 processor are the first in the market to beat the one lakh barrier. As if attractive pricing was not enough, ACI has tied up with National Insurance and bundled one-year comprehensive insurance at no additional cost. ACI’s Emerald notebooks are customised for the Indian user.

For further information, please call Tel: (022) 6608734 or e-mail: sales@dimension-tech.com

Ice Magic
Ice wine, which is in the nature of desert wine, sweet in flavour, have been introduced in the Indian market by the trade department of the Canadian High Commission. The price per bottle would fall in the range of Rs 2,500 to 3,000 for a 200 ml bottle. Ice wines are made from selected grapes that are left on the vines to freeze until harvesting. Canada is known to produce the world's best ice wines. They are best served after dinner.

For further information contact: Canadian High Commission, Tel: (011) 6876500 or e-mail: ram.gupta@dfait-maeci.gc.ca

Talk 2 Me
Labtec, a leading PC audio brand, has announced a range of products to make Internet Telephony more fun and exciting, besides enhancing the quality of Internet calls. The range includes products like microphones, headphones and headsets that are stylish, besides being technologically superior. Labtec’s microphones are available in cool designs and feature NCAT (Noise Cancelling and Amplification Technology) which filters out background noise and amplifies one’s voice to provide optimal voice clarity for clearer communication. The Labtec headphones and headsets offer rich stereo sound and volume control.

The ergonomically designed headsets are lightweight and comfortable, allowing one to talk for as long as one likes.

Classic Style
A bold, thrilling design for a pen with all the flair of precious jewels, accentuated by a ruby-colour cabochon. Diabolo de Cartier mini-pen is light, delightfully easy to handle, the perfect size, combining comfort of use with the pleasure of writing. It is available as a fountain pen, ballpoint pen or lead pencil, and is perfectly designed to meet the needs of today’s woman. The Cartier C engraved on the clip and the Cartier signature on the central barrel add the final touch to a writing instrument.

For more information contact: The Cartier Boutique, Mumbai,
Tel: (022) 2325757