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Soothe Your Body & Mind

“... this idyllic escape is all about creating harmony, between body and mind, nature and art”

Combining nature, art and architecture in perfect harmony has been the underlining philosophy at Rogner-Bad Blumau. Reema Sisodia explores this unique resort and spa

Imagine a region which is totally at the behest of nature, fortified further by peerless architecture... where nature and architecture is effortlessly interwoven. The resulting answer is Rogner-Bad Blumau (RBB). Arguably, it is the largest coalesce of an art hotel, resort and spa in the world.

Where is Rogner-Bad Blumau? I hear you ask. Tucked gracefully in the splendid landscapes of Austria, it is approximately 40 minutes from Graz Airport, amidst the hills of Eastern Styria. This resort splendour, designed by Austrian artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, has given Blumau village a new identity and a renewed aura. Driving past the breathtaking postcards of the Graz region, through hills and moors, the visual impact reflected through the prescriptions of nature was transporting me into another world. On reaching RBB, I at once knew this was to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The reception area itself is no ordinary place. It acts as a threshold for a world of activities to be explored ranging from health, fitness, therapies, wellness to sports, beauty, shopping and more...

On arrival, my friend Rita welcomed me with the warmth of Austrian hospitality, “Welcome to sunny and spring-like Austria and especially to destination Blumau.” Interpreting my ‘where do I begin?’ expressions well, she took me around the entire property. While doing so, what captivated and appealed to my senses was the entire layout and design of the region.

The impressions of the property took me back in time to days of my fairytale books. Unrestrained shapes, flowing lines and the colours of the rainbow are all an integral part of this unique world. The gold plated domes in the architectural plan are indeed striking, where the metal has been associated with good luck, fortune, wealth, health and fantasies, informed Rita.

In some ways, I felt like Alice going through my own adventures that this wonderland had to offer. Adventures in the form of unique and unmatched spa treatments and therapies from various parts of the world be it Roman, Turkish, Swedish, and also Indian, are professionally roofed under one habitat, in the health and mind centre of the property. One of Europe’s leading holistic health centres, the choice is wide. Here you can choose from a range of approximately 25 specialist therapies and massages from across the world. I’m sure like me you too will be in a dilemma over which massage to select - Esalen massage, or Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, the list is endless.

The experts and therapist do an excellent job at putting you at ease, giving you the most suitable option. Apart from specialists and experts roped in from across continents, with Indian Ayurvedic treatment making a popular presence under the guidance of Dr Gopi Kumar from Kerala, the region has been naturally blessed with thermal springs dating back to the Neolithic period. My experience with the thermal flow began in my room itself located in the ‘Brick-and-Arthouse’ area. The room was well-fitted with a whirlpool tub along with a thermal and fresh water supply. With the aid of a connecting corridor, I had direct access to both the restaurant and the thermal spa area from the accommodation complex.

I recommend that you do not miss out on an opportunity to try out the Styramisu with pumpkin seed oil dessert, special to the province of Styria, and also the organic food served at one of the many restaurants and also the Blumau village. The place also sums up as an ideal meeting and conference destination, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Shopping for souvenirs was in a delight, in the in-house shopping arcade.

As my sojourn draws to an end, I leave with an impression of a resort which has in all honour worked toward the fulfillment of its philosophy - to create harmony, between body and mind, nature and art.