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Lightime Possession
Cartier’s new lighters have a simple, stark beauty. They are designer creations combining style with practicality, each consisting of a simple oval inspired by Cartier’s legendary lighter of 1968. The invisible hinge retains the purity and precision of the oval form, while the curved lines make the lighter easy and comfortable to use. This is not just a functional object, but a treasured lifetime possession. All five models of this minimalist jewel are of the same shape, but with subtle variations in materials and colours: a gold or platinum finish with a vertical gadroon pattern, a steel finish, or black with gold or platinum-finish decoration.

Available at the Cartier Boutique, The Oberoi, Mumbai, (Tel: 022 2325757) and Ravissant store in New Friends Colony, New Delhi.

Astounding Receivers
If you don’t have a good receiver, you don’t have good sound. Onkyo - the global leader in the audio/ video products segment, has launched two astounding products: TX-DS 494 & TX-DS 595 for the Indian market. The two entry-level audio-visual receivers, feature the state-of-the-art Dolby Pro Logic II decoding format, in addition to the standard Mono, Stereo and the high-end DTS and Dolby Digital processing. Both the TX-DS 494 and TX-DS 595 are targeted towards end-users, who require a truly incredible and personally gratifying home theatre viewing experience.

Available at Onkyo Sight & Sound India Pvt Ltd, Chennai. Tel: (044) 4672304

Generation G
Glow with gold, glamour, grace... and more. The World Gold Council has launched an exciting new range of lightweight gold jewellery - ‘Collection g’ is targeted at young, fashion-conscious women who desire smart jewellery to complement their apparel. The collection comprises almost 400 unique designs in 22-carat gold and is a fusion of Indian and western inspirations. There is a lot of innovation in terms of texture, finish and experiments with some designs by interweaving white with yellow gold, creating a futuristic look of hot and cold. Being light in weight and attractively priced, ‘Collection g’ gives young women the freedom to buy stylish gold jewellery on their own terms.

Available in select jewellery outlets in over 30 cities across India.

Healthy Living
An achiever welcomes a good challenge because it draws out the strength of a well-rested body and power of a composed mind. OSIM’s revolutionary Master of Relaxation, The New OSIM Millennium Chair offers the latest in massage technology. The chair’s lush upholstered exterior embodies a sophisticated combination of air, roller and vibration systems to give you a full-body massage. This Master of Relaxation has a gentle, yet firm touch.

Customer Service Hotlines: (65) 7418641

Colour Your Personality
Siemens has announced the launch of the C45 mobile phone in the Indian market. The C45 has CLIPit covers of various colours that suit your personality. Each effervescent C45 CLIPit cover - currently available in five colours - Oriental Blue, Shining Pearl, Light Steel, Fresh Lemon and Hot Magma - represent a particular facet of the user’s personality. C45 is available across major metros in India for Rs 10,995. A lightweight model in the true sense - it weighs only 107 grams and is only 23 mm thick.

Passion For Crystal
Swarovski India Pvt Ltd has announced the launch of the Swarovski Collectors Society (SCS) in India. If you possess a passion for crystal, this collection is sure to entice you. Today, the SCS is flourishing, with over half a million members in more than 30 countries enjoying an ever-growing range of benefits including exclusive welcome and renewal gifts as well as exclusive rights to order the Annual Edition, the display stand, the crystal Title Plaque and the limited edition 15th Anniversary Vase of Roses. The highlight of the announcement was the unveiling of the Annual Edition 2002 Collector’s piece, the first in the new trilogy ‘Magic of Dance’. The 2002 piece is based on the legendary Isodora Duncan, who grew up to be a great dancer.

Available from authorised retailers from January to December 2002 only on order.