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Charmaine Fernz suggests tips on fitness, nutrition skin care and more to protect you from the perils of travels

Beauty entails oneís entire body, and, if one is healthy it is revealed on oneís face and vice versa. So, it is essential to keep healthy, fit and fine, states Dr Jamuna Pai, MBBS, FRSH (London), Blush

Itís no longer a Gender War. What counts is how well you handle your job believes Dr S Srinivasan

“I travel so much, that my skin feels dry and unhealthy, I don’t know what to do” “At 25, it feels more like 40 so drawn out after a day’s work, the energy is just worn out”

“Meetings and schedules take up most of my time, to even consider following a diet”

These are some common utterances heard from women corporate travellers, always on the move. However, one should bear in mind that work, forms just a ‘slice’ in the pie of life. It is thus essential for working women to take that extra care, pertaining not just to beauty, but other realms like fitness, proper grooming and a well balanced diet.


This is one aspect most women tend to neglect, either due to shortage of time or sheer negligence with a bundle of excuses. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ applies to the human anatomy as well, as far as fitness is concerned. Taking care of one’s health at an early age will certainly reap benefits at a latter stage in life, says Ramma Bans, nutritionist, naturopath and fitness expert, Weight-n-Watch.

“Women travellers are normally put up at five-star properties, so, a fitness programme is pursued by a fitness instructor. At the outset, while booking one’s seat, it is always safe to request for diet food. On arrival at the hotels, one should opt for lighter meals like soups, salads, fruits to begin the day. It is also necessary, that whenever one travels, one should eat light, so it could either be lassi, tea, fruit lassi and a light dinner, which is also followed by most foreigners,” adds Bans.

It should be remembered that exercise, forms just one part of the day, which could be something like a drop in the ocean. Stress which is common amongst most women could be aggravated by overeating and not exercising. So, exercise forms a vital aspect in life. “I recommend one to do the cheer exercises, in which all the limbs of the body are used. One could time your walk by taking 1,000 steps in 10 minutes, which is very effective. To de-stress, one should walk for at least 40 minutes every day. It doesn’t matter, if one is depressed or feels low, these exercises are a must to feel fit through the day,” highlights Bans.

However, one should bear in mind that since jet lag is bound to occur, one should not consume pills to subdue it. The best remedy is eat naturally and avoid fatty foods. Yoga is a great way to ensure a healthy life; while Naturopathy is another, which can also be used to combat migraines, pimples, allergies, stomach problems etc, concluded Bans.


Food, if utilised appropriately can really work to one’s advantage, where the body is concerned to suit different moods. Foods can actually be used as medicines. Beauty is just one aspect, while health rules the net purpose, affirms Dr Anjali Mukerjee, nutritionist and co-chairperson, Health Total.

People don’t realise the effect certain foods have on a person’s health. It is thus essential to eat the right food at the right time. Dr Mukerjee highlights the succeeding points:

  • It is necessary before boarding a flight to eat a full dinner, which is rich in diet comprising of whole grains, pulses etc, as it tends to help a traveller feel lively the next morning.
  • One should refrain from any alcohol while flying, since, it reduces performance levels. Juices are a better bet.
  • On arrival, in order to boost energy levels - one either needs to schedule the day ahead; that’s only if one has a buffer. In case of an immediate appointment, one should go in for light exercises, to feel active. They could also pop in a couple of vitamins like B complex, Vitamin C, which would work as revitalisers.
  • It is necessary to focus on a protein meal especially after a flight, since it helps one keep alert.
  • Consume adequate amounts of tea/coffee. Light juices, or even plain vegetable juices, fresh lime soda, tomato juice or fruits are good options.
  • Snacks or breakfast could either be a light fish snack, soya bean, paneer, egg etc. The objective - stay light - do not overeat.
  • Before one’s meeting the next day, it would be safe to consume bread, rice, fruits, pulses, chicken/fish etc the night before.
  • While at work one should consume wine, only if, they are not working the next day; most preferred is red wine. However, it is not recommended between meetings.
  • For lunch, whole wheat bread could be carried in a sandwich with combinations like tandoori chicken, chicken tikka or anything light. -For in-between meetings, it is best that one carries their own food. There are a number of light snacks available like our low fat bran biscuits, whole wheat rusk etc, which are widely used. Another option is dry fruits like raisins, almonds etc. Peanuts could be consumed as well.
  • What’s most important though is always follow hunger signals and not unnecessarily snack. One could also recondition their mind to think differently.

Skin Care

Beauty entails one’s entire body, and, if one is healthy it is revealed on one’s face and vice versa. So, it is essential to keep healthy, fit and fine, states Dr Jamuna Pai, MBBS, FRSH (London), Blush.

“Prior to travelling, it is necessary for women travellers to get their symptoms checked from a physician, either on a six-month basis or regularly. Getting oneself accustomed to the time zones is another factor to be taken into consideration, since it makes a lot of difference. It is absolutely essential to have one’s breakfast. Skipping breakfast can cause a lot of acidity, which evidently shows on the skin; add to that stress, and it definitely will worsen the situation. A full breakfast neutralises the acidity. High acidity generates a lot of problems, it could be further aggravated, since people tend to have smaller unhealthy meals during the day,” adds Dr Pai.

Pai further maintains, “To keep the skin healthy, one should bear in mind that while travelling internationally, cabin pressures, dry conditions, all have a toll on the skin, in the form of dryness, dehydration etc, so a moisturiser is a must carry for all. A moisturiser especially while flying should be used every hour, if possible, depending on the skin type. One should also not forget the neck, hands and feet, they are essential as aging is primarily seen there. It is also necessary to use the hydration pump. One should also bear in mind that before applying any kind of make up, it is essential to use a moisturiser and a sun screen lotion. Leaving long gaps between meals is harmful, that gives rise to acidity. The digestive track should be taken care of by having proper meals at the right time, since it reflects on the skin. Regular clearing of one’s bowels by fighting constipation, tummy upsets is essential; to combat the same one could take natural meals, Isabgol flakes etc. It is necessary to take a de-worming tablet once in six months.”

Dark circles is a common problem among women in general; the cause could be either hereditary or due to a number of reasons, like low hemoglobin, late sleeping, change in the biological cycle, an increased number or refractive area, insomnia etc. The only solution one could recommend would be

  • Taking iron supplements, vitamin C and folic acid for three months, on an on and off basis (doctor’s advise recommended).
  • Use skin lightening products
  • Do not leave heavy creams on the face overnight
  • Use a concealer, depending on the colour of the skin


This factor of beauty varies as per personal choice, but taking a general overview, the remedy is a right balance for the right face. A woman traveller should normally go in for low maintenance hair that work around their features, suits them best and can be well managed, which could either be short blunt cuts, mushroom cuts etc. Indian women normally have a touch and go attitude, which needs to be altered, says Nalini, partner, Nalini & Yasmin.

“We conduct consultations whilst our haircuts, facials etc which is very helpful, since it saves time. We also answer our customer queries via the telephone. We offer our own home-made products, which are chemical-free, homeopathic, and can be used to improve skin, pigmentation, dandruff, hair fall etc,” adds Yasmin.

According to Farzana N Surti, head of the beauty department, Nalini & Yasmin, Lokhandwala, there are certain requirements:

  • A good face wash depending on the skin type.
  • A good moisturiser with a compact.
  • A foundation with a moisturiser.
  • Cleansing pads
  • Sun protection (SPF 30 / SPF 50) is a must, which should be applied every three to four hours.
  • Lipsticks, eyeliners etc.

There are certain home remedies or quick packs

  • Cucumber Pack (for an oily skin): Rub fresh orange juice on the face for five minutes and the splash with cold water. This pack gives the skin a fresh look.
  • Egg White Pack (for a combination skin): Mix the egg white with maida and apply for 10 minutes, wash or peel.
  • Curd Remedy (for dry skin): One spoon of curd could be used as a fash wash, which gives the skin a moisturised look.

In a nutshell, beauty, not just for the physical appearance but for the physical well being and appearance as well, is very vital for any woman. Hence to maintain that grace, care needs to be taken to ensure a healthy, fit and balanced life. This is not as much about pampering oneself or self indulgance as much as maintaining a healthy and successful life which in turn would enhance one’s level of vivacity, productivity and performance.


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