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Femme Fatale
ĎIf you want something said - ask a man; if you want something done - ask a womaní - Margaret Thatcher. Articles, reportages, literary works and masterpieces of art have been dedicated to the mission of asserting the womanís position in a manís world.

Gender The Workplace
Last week, a popular news channel with a celestial name delivered two quick knock-out punches. It all happened inside of three minutes flat. First we saw and heard the highest flier of Indian Air Force explaining why in our Mahan Bharat, fighter pilots of the female kind can’t exist as a species.


Sheetal Wadhwa experiences Paris as more than a metropolis, but a cauldron of cultures, schools of thought, art forms and expressions. It is in fact a mode de vie, unveiling through its various zones, different facets of life itself

Off Beat - Historic Refuge On A Sandy Shore
The sun-kissed emerald beaches and the swaying palms together with the crisp, refreshing air at Murud Janjira transports one into a blissful haven reveals Monideepa Banerjee


Celeb Talk
Actress extraordinaire, noted social worker, honorary lecturer in international universities and member of parliament, Shabana Azmi is a woman of substance par excellence. In a colloquial dialogue with Raadia Mukadam, she delves on issues that have have captured her attention as a business traveller, over the last two decades. Excerpts

High Profile
Lalita D Gupte, joint managing director and chief operating officer - international business, ICICI Limited, shares her tavel experiences and preferences

Hot Spots
Vanity Fare

Money Matters Fighting Fit

Tailored Perfectly For Women
Remember that dream house you always wanted to build where you had your own little nook... but the builder spiked your plans by adding those extra lakhs of rupees to the cost?

Finer Aspects
Dr Mahesh Wadhwa delves on the finer points of oneís health and suggests destressing measures. When it comes to one’s physical well being, if one is cautious of the finer points and adopts certain measures

Newstation Business Link

Luxury Jungle Resort Opens In Ranthambhore
CX Expands Code-Share With British Airways
Thai Introduces Service To Mumbai
Vacation With The Luxury Club
Advantage Oberoi
Ramada Opens Hotel In Chennai
Jet Launches Same Day Return Facility

Poise & Progress
While growth has slowed down in the past few years, French economy has created new wealth and emmerged as Europe’s second largest market.

Introspection Flying High

Values: Little Things That Matter Much - True values are priceless. No possible gain can make up for the loss of values. The most precious things in life are things that money just canít buy. People with character, integrity and values are not for sale believes Shiv Khera

Frequent-Flier Miles: A New Currency
Frequent-flier miles are a new currency that is proving easier to earn than to spend on something really worthwhile, since free seats are seldom available on popular routes at peak times, discovers Mohinder Singh
M.I.C.E U Matter

Where The World Comes Together
Business travellers will never get bored in Singapore. And even if time does not permit for leisure activities, the options for business entertainment are numerous.

Picture Perfect
Charmaine Fernz suggests tips on fitness, nutrition skin care and more to protect you from the perils of travels


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